Update 2021: projekt o bielactwie wznowiony! Jeśli chcesz wziąć udział, śmiało napisz na jul.kaczorowska@gmail.com
Prócz portretów, chcę poszerzyć projekt o Wasze historie.
Update 2021: If you want to participate, go ahead and write to jul.kaczorowska@gmail.com
Apart from portraits, I want to expand the project with your stories.
Self-love and support. Black and white closeup headshot. A woman cradles her chin and cheeks with her hands. An expression of serenity as she softly closes her eyes. Model has long dark curly hair swept back and a medium skin tone with patches of vitiligo. Dappled patches are visible on her closed eyelids and circling her under eye area. Hundreds of freckles populate on the top of her forearms with a patch of vitiligo extending from her fingers to the sides of the forearms. Around her mouth, a cloud-like patch.
Black and white medium headshot. A woman looks towards the camera at an angle, her chin jutting outward in defiance and eyes confident and challenging. She has a light skin tone with a single triangular patch of vitiligo on her left jawline. Model wears a strapless top and earring studs, her hair tied back into an effortless bun.
Black and white medium headshot, standing. A woman places her hands on the crown of her head with bent elbows, arms forming a frame around her face. She has a deep gaze and a warm, knowing smirk. Her vitiligo creates cloud shaped patterns across the full length of her torso and arms.
Black and white medium shot, standing. A teenage girl crosses her arms over her chest and looks off to the side with a peaceful expression, reminiscent of a ballet dancer. She has a light skin tone and cone-like patches of vitiligo on both elbows.
Endearingly exasperated. Black and white closeup headshot. A woman places 1 hand against the side of her face and smirks. She has a medium skin tone with patches of vitiligo, floral patches by the corner of her eyes and a cloud-like patch around her mouth. Her hand has a patch with the appearance of a lace glove.
Back and white medium headshot. A male model is shirtless and stares intently towards the camera. He has a light skin tone with patches of vitiligo located intermittently across his torso like a sponge painting and creating a v-shape neckline.
Black and white medium headshot. Contemplative and calm, the model lightly caresses down her jawline with both hands. Model has a light skin tone with several animal tattoos on her arms. Patches of vitiligo peek from her armpits, envelop her hands like gloves, and outline her eyes, mouth and elbows.
Black and white medium headshot. Easy-going, tranquil vibes as the model places 1 hand behind her head and lets her straight, long hair cascade down the opposite shoulder. Model has a light skin tone with small patches of vitiligo. Across her armpit, a number 2 shape and circle around the same side’s elbow. On both hips there are symmetrical mango-shaped patches.
Text: Black and white medium headshot. Model gives himself a hug across the torso and looks at the camera with wide, inviting eyes. He has a medium skin tone with symmetrical patches of vitiligo in several locations. Dappled patches around the elbows, an oval shape at the center of the chest and a solid patch over every finger. Patches create an eyeglass shape around the eyes and a figure 8 shape around the mouth and jaw. A rhinoceros-shaped patch extends across his collarbone.
Black and white medium headshot. A male model looks intently at the camera, resting 1 hand gently over his heart, fingers lightly pinching below his collarbone. He has a light skin tone with dappled patches of vitiligo across the back of his hand.
Black and white headshot. Mid-laugh, a model grins widely and shuts her eyes. She places 1 hand behind her head, revealing a single heart-shaped vitiligo patch on her armpit.

Warsaw, July 2015, Pracownia Duży Pokój
1. Wide shot, art gallery opening. Guests congregate around a wooden table with dozens of glasses with juice, white and red wine. They face towards a woman who stands, addressing the crowd, with her back to camera. Along the gallery walls, a series of black and white portraits of people with vitiligo are illuminated by tall windows on the opposite wall. 2. Empty art gallery. Wooden chairs have been pushed to the side to create a large empty space in the room. To the left, 3 floor to ceiling windows intercut with 3 panels that each contain their own black and white portrait of a person with vitiligo. To the right, walls that contain several black and white portraits of people with vitiligo placed side by side. Modern hanging lights dangle from the ceiling over a geometric wooden floor. 3. Medium shot, corner of art gallery. 3 guests cross their arms and read the artist’s intent which is posted on 1 wall. This is accompanied by 2 black and white portraits on the adjacent wall. The models in the portraits both have vitiligo and look as if they are peering into camera as the photo is taken. 4. Night at the gallery opening. Several guests congregate in different groups, some engaged in lively conversation and others point towards artwork off-camera. A woman at the center of the photo has patches of vitiligo on her hands. The gallery wall contains 4 large black and white portraits that seem to peer out at the onlookers.

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